Teacher's Competition

The Milton Wolf Prize for Teachers


While Milton Wolf was helping Zeyneba Hardaga, the humanitarian aid agency within the Jewish community of Sarajevo, La Benevolencija, opened their synagogue to their neighbors – Muslims, Serbs, Croats – and all worked together to save each other during the war. Teachers on three continents use Centropa's film and traveling exhibition telling this remarkable story of civic involvement, Survival in Sarajevo, to teach English language, language arts, social studies, civics, history, art and Spanish in classrooms from Sarajevo to Houston, Tel Aviv to Greensboro, Berlin to Palm Beach.


We invite American teachers in any discipline to use this story of Jews, Muslims, and Christians working together in the midst of an ethnic war, to create a dynamic, innovative lesson to share with teachers in the US, Europe, and Israel.


Lessons must:


  • use the Survival in Sarajevo film, and you are also welcome to visit the  Survival in Sarajevo website for additional photographs, links to relevant articles and documentaries, and background about the Bosnian war of the late 1990s. All of the above links can also be found by clicking on the "More" tab at the top of this page;

  • meet at least one state or Common Core standard, identified in the lesson;

  • be replicable to teachers in other settings - in other words, any project that another teacher cannot do (some adaptations are fine) in another school will not be given the same attention as those that can;

  • be submitted using the Centropa lesson plan guidelines.

  • teach about character, civics, human rights, and/or community service.

In addition, please follow these guidelines:

  • You lesson may be for teaching any subject or discipline.

  • Those submitting a project: please send Lauren Granite an email with your name(s), school and contact information, so we can contact you in the case of any pre-deadline announcements.

  • Deadline for submission: May 28, 2018, 5 pm EST.

  • Please submit all lessons in Word to miltonwolfprize@centropa.org.

  • Three prizes of $500 each will be awarded to teachers for the most innovative lessons or projects that use Survival in Sarajevo, and we will post your lesson on our website for other teachers to use with their students.

  • Those interested might want to look at Edward Serotta's book, Survival in Sarajevo, for stories and texts to incorporate into your lesson - while it is currently out of print you can purchased used copies at amazon.com. (There are some great stories and texts in there that can be used in the lesson or project you are designing.)




Questions? Contact Lauren Granite at granite@centropa.org, or (301)787-0052.



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