A student competition about doing good

Centropa & the Milton and Roslyn Wolf Foundation invite American students, grades 6-12, to participate in a community project that puts them in the position of Milton Wolf when he reached out to help Zeyneba Hardaga. He was a Jew. She was a Muslim. He lived in America. She was in Bosnia. She needed visas, medical help, and a new home. Milton Wolf did not stop until he made it all happen.


The Milton Wolf Prize will be given to students in the United States who investigate a problem in their community, research the resources that exist for addressing that problem, and create a video or other presentation (for example, PowerPoint, Prezi) that educates their community about the problem and how they can help address it. “Community” can refer to a school community, or the broader community, and we invite school classes, youth groups, club and civics/community service organizations to enter the competition.


We welcome entries from any academic course or youth group, and this project will help teachers meet standards in civics; government; English language arts; social studies; writing; speech/communication; and technology.

The competition:

  • This project is open to students in US public schools.

  • Students must be in grades 6-12.

  • Students may work individually, or in groups.

  • The final project will be a video, PowerPoint, Prezi or other visual presentation, no longer than five minutes, and must include:

- a description of a community problem or conflict, including any information necessary to educate others about the problem;


- an overview of how community members are trying to solve the problem, information about community resources to do so (individuals or organizations);


- an explanation of why addressing this particular problem is important;


- the lessons you think people should take away from the examples of Milton Wolf, and the people of La Benevolencija in the Survival in Sarajevo story.


Deadline for submission is May 15, 2015, 5 pm EST. Please send your entry via wetransfer.com to miltonwolfprize@centropa.org.


  • Five prizes of $500 for the winners

  • Five prizes of $100 for runners up

  • Three prizes of $500 each for teachers for the best lesson plans using the film Survival in Sarajevo


Winning submissions will be uploaded to Centropa’s Border Jumping page. Students throughout the US, Europe, and Israel will learn about what your community is doing to make the world a better place. In addition, we will screen winning films or PowerPoints at Centropa’s 9th annual Summer Academy in Warsaw and Krakow, to teachers from the US, Europe, and Israel.



The Milton Wolf Prize in the Classroom:


Teachers interested in doing this project as part of a classroom lesson, click on the Common Core Standards tab at the top of this page to see recommendations for how this project will help meet Common Core standards, as well as state standards in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. We welcome projects from all states and will gladly discuss other state standards that might be met by this project. For more information, please contact Lauren Granite at granite@centropa.org, or (301) 787-0052.

Questions? Contact Lauren Granite at granite@centropa.org, or (301)787-0052.

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