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The Milton Wolf Prize in Diplomacy

Step Three: Find the helpers

What you need to do:

make it relevant

Key question to answer:

 What organizations or individuals help to solve this problem?



Identify 3-4 organizations or people working on your issue, learn about their work, and interview someone who works in the field to learn first-hand what they do.

How to do it

Not sure

where to start to find the right organizations?

to get started: possible resources

  • Google

  • Library

  • Local museums

  • National organization that deals with your topic

  • Local newspaper

  • Adults: teachers, parents, guardians, family friends. 


  • Identify 3-4 local organizations.

  • Read the websites to learn how each organization addresses your problem.

  • Identify someone in each organization you can email or call to answer any questions you have. 

  • If you can, set up a Zoom interview with at least one person. You will learn a lot!

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