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The Milton Wolf Prize in Diplomacy

Step Two: Research your topic

What you need to do:

Make it true

Key question to answer: Where can you find reliable information about your topic?


Gather information about your topic and clarify why this issue is important for people to know about.

How to do it

Not sure

where to begin to research your topic?


to get started:


possible resources

  • Google

  • Library

  • Local museums

  • National organization that deals with your topic

  • Local newspaper

  • Adults you know: teachers, parents, guardians, family friends

Pro-tip: You will need to cite your sources, so keep track of the sites you use!


  • Use the Internet to find reliable sites with the data and information you will need.

  • Use Wikipedia only for background information.

  • Keep track of the sites you use so you can include them in the credits!

  • Gather information that will help you understand the topic and speak about it with authority. For example:

    • Why does this problem exist?

    • How widespread is it?

  • Be able to answer the question: Why should people get involved in helping to solve this problem? 

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