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The Milton Wolf Prize in Diplomacy

Step Four: Create a presentation

What you need to do:

make us care

Key question to answer: what is the best way to visually present your research to teach about your topic? 


Create a presentation you will use when educating others about your topic.

How to do it

Not sure

where to start to create a visual presentation for your topic?

possible visual presentation platforms





other multimedia platforms

You will need to submit a link to the visual presentation when you submit your project.

Submit your project here.


  • Visuals (photos, icons, graphs and charts with statistics, etc).

  • Limit the words on each slide for a PowerPoint or Prezi.

  • If you're making a video, make sure we can hear the audio.

  • The presentation should be creative and nice to look at.

  • Cite your sources.

  • Be sure to include something about how your topic relates to the stories of Milton Wolf and Survival in Sarajevo.

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