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The Milton Wolf Prize in Diplomacy

Step Five: Advocate

What you need to do:

make us act

Key question to answer: How can I get others involved?


Use your presentation to educate others about your topic to inspire them to get involved in helping their community.

How to do it

Not sure

where to start to find people to present to?


places to present

(in person or virtually)

Youth group

Community Center

Local organizations

Church, synagogue, mosque—any house of worship

Parents' or guardians' place of work

An adult will need to send an email verifying that you presented.

Send email to Lauren Granite at


  • Before you begin presenting, take a few deep breaths.

  • ​​Be sure to speak slowly.

  • Be yourself! You have chosen a topic you are passionate about, so let that passion come through. 

  • Thank everyone for attending and the opportunity to present.

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