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Step 5: Educate & Present to Others

The Milton Wolf Prize in Student Advocacy is not only about creating a presentation—it’s about advocacy, making a difference by getting other people involved in a cause you care about. So, it’s advocate for your cause by using your presentation to educate others about your topic and doing your best to get them involved.

You definitely should present to your class or at your school, but in addition we require that you present to a group of people outside of your school. This could be any group: a youth group at a church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious institution; Girl Scout or Boy Scout groups; perhaps where your parents or a sibling works; a local community council or any other setting where you think people would be interested.

You may do your presentation over Zoom (or another video conference program) or in person. Your teacher must confirm that you presented and indicate the group to whom you presented.


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