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Step 4: Create a Presentation

A few guidelines for creating an effective presentation:

  • Be sure to read the FAQ page on the Milton Wolf Prize website, particularly the sections on requirements and criteria for how the review committee will judge the projects

  • Remember your goal: to educate people about your issue and compel them to get involved.

  • Make it true

    • Facts must be accurate

    • Cite your sources

  • Make it beautiful

    • don’t put too many words on each slide if you are creating a PowerPoint, Google slide presentation, Prezi or some other slide presentation

    • use images (photos, icons, art) to help you tell the story

    • use colors that help viewers read what’s on the slides (for example, text is easier to read when it is dark on a lighter background)

    • if you are making a video, make sure the audio is clear and easy to hear, and/or include good music

  • Make us care

    • Through words and images (and, if you’re making a video, sound) create a “story” with your presentation:

      • Introduce your topic

      • Tell us why it is important, why we should care

      • Include information viewers need to know to be informed so they consider doing something about this issue

      • Include specific information viewers can use to get involved: Who do they contact and what is the best way for them to reach out?

      • Discuss the connection between your topic and Milton Wolf and the Survival in Sarajevo story


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