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Step 1: How to begin your Milton Wolf Project

Deciding your topic - find your passion!

Getting started is always the hard part, so start close to home. Think about what your values are, what you see in the world (your community) or the news that you would like to change or make better. Choose a topic you are passionate about, or want to explore. It can be something new, or something to which you are already committed.

Deciding activity:

Set aside 5 minutes and, without stopping, write out a list of social justice issues that you know impact your community (school community, neighborhood, city, town, state, country). Don't edit yourself; don't stop for 5 minutes! Simply write down as many topics as come into your mind.

Look over the list and choose the three that you are most drawn to, the ones you find most compelling. Which three reflect your values?

Then choose one out of the three. It can be the one that speaks to you most, but it can also be the one that is most practical, that you will most easily find the most information about, or find someone to interview about.

Next blog: We will discuss beginning your research!



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